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Concept about Freelancing

In the 21th century, the most popular and demandable work is freelancing. Now a day, there are many types of freelancers are available who are expert in different categories in every country, every town and every place and they earn money by different types of freelancing and outsourcing works and jobs.

Freelancing concept

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a way that someone earns money by doing different categories of works for a limited time or period, taking from the buyer or client. Here, who gives the work is called the buyer or client. So, in simply we can say that, the ways of earning money by working freely is called freelancing. Here, freely means he is not bound the buyer all time for his works; he is only bound several times until his works is fully done or the time of their contract. So we can say that, when a buyer or client gives a work and someone doing the works for a limited time to earn money is called Freelancing.

What is Outsourcing?

After reading the text we know that what is freelancing. But, the word Freelancing and Outsourcing has many differences. In simply, Outsourcing means any Organization does not do their work and they give it to a third party to complete the work. In the high level country like Europe and America, Many jobs are very expensive to do with anyone, so they do the work with low level and middle level country like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and so on freelancers with a very cheaper rate. They do because their money exchange rate is so much difference from the USD rate and this rate is better for them. And, whom persons are giving the works in that strategy is called Outsourcing. It sometimes called Offshore Outsourcing too.

Who is a Freelancer?

When a buyer or client gives a work and the person who doing the work for earning money is called the Freelancer. In simply, the person who earns money by freelancing works is called a freelancer. Sometimes the freelancer is also called Coder or Provider too. Here, a freelancer is fully free to do his work. He is not bound to the buyers work all time. He is only bound for the works that how much time the contract running. Here the place is not a main fact, but work is the main fact. A freelancer can do his work in staying any place of the world. So we can say that, When a buyer gives a work and the person who done the work for earning money to stay any place of the world without a long time bounding is called the Freelancer.

How can a Freelancer Get a Job?

When a Client or Buyer post a job, then the Freelancers do bid there and say which amount he can do the job and give a portfolio of his job. Many Freelancer, Coder or Provider bid there with giving a Cover-letter with their portfolios. The Buyer has the full rights to choice anyone. But, mostly the Buyer choice the Experienced, Qualified bidding amount and the good Port-folio contained freelancer. After selecting the freelancer the buyer give all of his demandable money in the Freelancing site. So that, when the freelancer ends the work, then he or she gets the money quickly and securely. Then the coder gives a small amount to the site for his job charge. This way a freelancer can be selected and earn money.

Who can be a Freelancer?

Now we know about freelancing, outsourcing and freelancer. So, Do you want to know, who is become a freelancer? Yes, the person who has an internet connection and a computer or such types of things and who can find anything about using Googlesearch and who has a regular knowledge about use Microsoft Word or Excel can be a freelancer. But, he must have a proper and vast confidence to do any types of works and enough time and eagerness to his works. You must know the use of different types of messenger such as: Google talk, Skype, Yahoo messenger, AIM etc to contract with the buyer. The person who has such types of features can be a freelancer.

Where can I get job?

There are so many place and so many types of works to find job and earn money. For more visit here:

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